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About us

At Chicago Estate Sales we are dedicated to minimizing the work and stress for you and your family. At best you are choosing to move or to downsize. Sadder circumstances may mean having to close the estate of a loved one. Either circumstance is time consuming and very stressful.


By hiring Chicago Estate Sales you are not only minimizing your time and workload, but you are hiring a well trained, knowledgeable and professional staff.  By utilizing the services of Chicago Estate Sales you will reduce and avoid many of the pitfalls of a do it yourself sale.


We provide the labor to unpack, sort, clean, display, research, price and most importantly "sell" your items. Often times when a family does the sale, they overprice what they think is valuable, and underprice the more desired items. Did you know that people will buy expired Polaroid film?


Chicago Estate Sales works strictly on commission; we implement correct marketing strategies and have a very loyal customer base, which allows us to pay for ourselves through increased sales.


Help is only a phone call away.


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